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Welcome to Goodwin Studios!


We are looking forward to your first session with us.


Please arrive a few minutes early prior to your session to fill out the registration forms and sign in with the front desk.

Wear comfortable clothing and socks. We are a shoeless studio following the tradition of leaving the outdoor energies at the door.

We are happy to provide you with water, tea, towels, and yoga mats.

Please be advised of our 24hr. cancellation policy: Appointments must be canceled 24 hours prior to appointment scheduled

to avoid being charged a service fee.  Please note that all packages expire 3 months after the date of purchase.

Refunds: If you are not satisfied with our services or are unable to use your gift certificate we will be kindly give you a refund.


We look forward to seeing you!  

Lisa Marie Goodwin, our staff, and trainers


Call or email studio to book (310) 235-2100 or

Our Mission...

We seek to create a nurturing environment where the joy of movement & the inspiration of creative energies can unfold. We recognize the intelligence of the body by integrating the dynamic movement of the GYROTONIC Expansion System® methodology and the healing power of touch. This synergistically helps to improve the quality of life and bring each client to a space where the physical, mental, and spiritual are equally cared for.  We are also proud to offer holistic modalities of therapy using Young Living Essential Oils™ which we also have available for retail sale.



  • Postural improvement and alignment awareness

  • Vitality and Rejuvenation

  • Profound abdominal and core body strength and connection

  • Lower back injury / pain rehabilitation, strength and stability

  • Increased flexibility and joint range of motion

  • Injury prevention

  • Pre and Post Natal and Children's Programs

  • High performance programs for Athletes & Dancers

  • Increase overall quality of life

  • Our trained staff will assist and encourage your progress through your own specialized program.


From our Dear Clients and Teacher Training Students:


From Louis Flores, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor:

I feel privileged to have begun my Gyrotonic path with Lisa Marie and to have worked alongside her for many years. I owe her a great deal. For the knowledge she was so willingly to share with me.

My Healing Goddess Lisa Marie, 

My PT MARVELED at what you had done to help my healing. She has NEVER SEEN SUCH A MIRACLE. You have special powers, I was in an altered state yesterday.  I feel decidedly better this morning and hopeful.  I have truly been despondent and in a depression, feeling so very hopeless and helpless.  I need to see you as often as possible so this hip issue can be fully resolved.  I WILL GLADLY PAY YOU ADDITIONALLY, YOU ARE SO WORTH IT.  Beside having this super power you are such a LOVING and COMPASSIONATE PERSON.  I BLESS THE DAY YOU CAME INTO MY LIFE, AND I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU.  Love ~Paula (79 years old)

From Lisa Marie's Hip/Knee Course 2018:

What an all around wonderful class experience this was! Lisa Marie’s depth of knowledge theoretical, personal, and hands-on was amazing. She kept the entire group learning, moving, interacting and managed to do it all while somehow making us feel she was available for each and every one of our questions. Not my first workshop with a great SMT but my first with Lisa Marie and my overall best experience so far. Will definitely take from her again. Thank you Lisa Marie! ~Stephanie  (Client & Trainer)


GYROTONIC® Final Certification Course:

Lisa Marie,

I never thanked you for be so amazing and nurturing in my GYROTONIC® Final Certification course. You are a gift and a beautiful person. My life is better because you touched it, literally, with you kind heart and gentle hands. I am forever grateful and I am now opening a studio in Ann Arbor Michigan with Heather Glidden. 

I hope to see you again in the journey of GYROTONIC®! 

"Live, laugh and love"  ~Darlene

My Dear Lisa Marie,

I want to thank you for awakening me to the possibility that one can not only maintain a lifetime of patterns but actually develop new more functional ones. It’s been great working with you. I’ll see you again soon.

Love Nadine (80yrs +)


Lisa Marie,

I am so fortunate to have you in my life. You bring me immense joy. I am learning so much from your guidance, it is changing my life in a profound way.

Paula (70yrs +)

Student in Dancer Course:

Lisa Marie,

Thank you for hosting another fabulous training. I love seeing you move and dance-Just gorgeous! Thank you for your grace and beauty to inspire!


GYROKINESIS® Final Certification:

Of all my certification classes I have taken, the ​GYROKINESIS® taught by Master Trainer Dana Gringas at Goodwin Studios was by far the best! Dana is an engaging trainer; her in-depth understanding and passion for the syllabus resonated throughout the course leaving me confident and excited to teach my next class and nurtured at the same time. The staff at Goodwin Studios were welcoming and the space was made completely available for us.  Left feeling blessed and inspired.

Light, Love & Peace

Cathy Butter

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