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About GYROKINESIS® exercise...


The GYROKINESIS® method is a workout that uses a series of organic physical, rhythmic movements and breaths that can help shift one into a new physical, mental and spiritual place. It is sometimes described as a mixture of dance, tai chi, yoga, and gymnastics all in one.

The body is taken through seven natural elements of spinal movement. The GYROKINESIS® method gently works the joints muscles and stimulates the internal organs through rhythmic and undulating exercises. Fluidity is the key.

There is no equipment needed other than a stool and a mat and the movements are gentle undulations of the body so they are accessible to all levels and ages of exerciser. Because of the simple combination of mind, body and spirit through movement and breath, the GYROKINESIS® method is a more intelligent and gently spiritual type of exercise. It is exercise for all lifestyles. It is designed to fit into any space in one's life or any mood. It allows the individual to choose their own challenge.

We each have our own natural rhythm. Traditional methods of exercise tend to have a rigidity that forces us to conform our bodies to a specific ideal figure and movement. GYROKINESIS® exercises allows us to access and open our bodies from where we are now, in the present moment. Starting with the spine, all movements spiral from our centers, building a natural, fluid strength and energy from the inside out. Using the breath in conjunction with movement, we can more effectively draw in oxygen and energy while breathing out congestion and blockages. The GYROKINESIS® method is an embracing rather than imposing method of exercise.

The GYROKINESIS® Method from GYROTONIC® Headquarters

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