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About Pilates...

Pilates teaches you to support your body internally with efficiency and ease while transforming the way your body looks, feels and functions. It was often originally used by dancers and athletes because it builds strength without building bulk and creates more a sleek and toned effect as it lengthens muscles. But now the world has discovered the benefits of Pilates for your overall alignment, posture and motor control. Who does Pilates? All walks of life, including models, mothers, office workers, golfers, children, celebrities. As Pilates is an effective method for addressing a variety of musculoskeletal challenges and imbalances it is therefore an excellent source to use when recovering from injury or even wishing to use as injury prevention.
Our instructors will tailor your session to your individual needs in a series of exercises on the Mat or Reformer Apparatus with spring-loaded tension. Pilates will challenge your entire body while you focus on alignment, breathing, flow and coordination.Practiced faithfully, the internalized knowledge brought about through Pilates becomes a way of moving with awareness and inner strength that transfers to greater ease in your daily activities and sports.

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