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Goodwin Studios Class Descriptions

Floor Work Classes:
  • Props to have on hand:

  • Mat

  • Foam roller

  • Pair of small hand weights

  • GYROKINESIS® Stool or high back chair

  • Tennis ball

The Eclectic GYROKINESIS® Class 

  • A pure form of GYROKINESIS® floor sequences that Lisa Marie has put together and changes a bit every week. No stool or any equipment required. 

The Dance Conditioning Class

  • Tailored to what a dancer (or anyone) needs to stay fit for injury prevention. We want to help you perfect your technique, and to increase your longevity as a performer through skill and knowledge. We combine the use of the GYROKINESIS® Methodology, dance medicine, kinesiology, and pilates.

GYROKINESIS® Creative Stool

  • This class gently works the joints and muscles and stimulates the internal organs through rhythmic and undulating exercises and breathing sequences from Level 1 and Level 2. This class is fun and accessible to all levels, ages, and lifestyles. It is designed to fit into any space in one's life or any mood. It allows the individual to choose their own challenge. 

The Graceful Glutes Class

  • Requires props such as a foam roller or tennis ball and is done as floor work.


  • Props to have on hand:

  • Foam roller

  • Pair of small hand weights

  • Mat

The Happy Hips Class

  • A GYROTONIC® Pulley tower class (pulley tower required) and based on rehab, recovery, and strength -much of which is material from Lisa Marie’s hip course.


  • *Pulley Tower Required: This class is designed to continue your journey into the Foundation of this system and explore on a deeper level the principles of movement. All levels will benefit and are welcome.


  • *Pulley Tower Required: Explore the joy of movement through the freedom of musical. The focus is rhythm, vibration, tone, color, breath, and the continued exploration of timing. Our internal systems change as we hear different tones and therefore resonate into different aspects of ourselves be it spirit, metal, physical or emotional. We will move to the GYROTONIC® music created by Juliu, but in different families than his Musical Journey Course. This class is suitable for all who desire to explore the resonance of music and moving.


  • *Pulley Tower Required: Embrace the dancer within. This class is for you. Principles of movement and applications for dancers of all likes will be applied. As well, we will play with the cross-training from internal to external rotation. Each class will apply a different theme from how to get on our legs, to grand battements, to relevé, jumps, extension, to port de bras. This is a class that will benefit all that enjoy the exploration of movement.

Intermediate GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Class

  • In this class Lisa Marie builds on principles emphasized in her Back-to-Basics pulley tower class, but gives support and instruction for the individual wanting to transition to higher-level advance sequences, by breaking down more of the level 2 complex sequences.


GYROTONIC ® Level 2 Pulley Tower Class  

  • In this class, Lisa Marie introduces more challenging, endurance building exercise sequences including: an advanced hamstring series with a focus on cardiovascular endurance, an advanced handle unit series in multiple standing positions, and handle unit sequences in more challenging variations of the level 1 sitting positions, a level 2 traction series, an advanced upper body series in standing positions, and an advanced abdominal series.

PLEASE NOTE: Recording of online sessions or classes is not allowed. If you pay for a class and cannot make the time we will email you a recording, available up to three days after the original class.


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