• Regular price: $85 per one hour session, $255 for three sessions and $425 for five sessions.

  • Limit one per person.

  • Not valid for sessions with Lisa Marie.

  • Offer expires November 30, 2019

Studio Rates:


GYROTONIC® Private Sessions with Goodwin Studios' Trainers

Introductory rates for anyone NEW to GYROTONIC® & Goodwin Studios:

$55 for 1 hour session

$150 for a package of 3 - 1 hour sessions


*intro rates are good for sessions with all Goodwin Studios' trainers except Lisa Marie Goodwin*

1 session $85 | Pkg 5 sessions $405 ($81) | Pkg 10 sessions $800 ($80) | Pkg 20 sessions $1500 ($75)
1/2 hour $50 | Pkg of 10 1/2 hour sessions $450


1.5 hour $125 | Pkg 5 sessions $610 ($122) | Pkg 10 sessions $1200 ($120)
2 hours $170 




GYROTONIC® Semi Private: (2 people - priced per person)


1 session $55 | Pkg 5 sessions $260 ($52) | Pkg 10 sessions $500 ($50)

1.5 hour $85 / Pkg 10 sessions $675 ($67.50)

2 hours $110





GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Group Classes by Goodwin Studios Instructors

(Pre-requisite: Minimum of 3 PRIVATE GYROTONIC® Sessions)

Only 5 students per class / All Levels offered: Open, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Single 1 hr class: $40.00
Package of 5: $190.00 ( $38 each)

Package of 10: $360.00 ($36 each)







(Pre-requisite: Desire to move and connect with your body!  All levels welcome!)

60 min group classes:

Single $20 | 10 classes $180 ($18 each)

90 min group classes:

Single $25 | 10 classes $225 ($22.50 each)





Open Studio Sessions


Use of the facility on your own without an instructor.
(Pre-requisite: Knowledge and use of the equipment and techniques.)


Single 1hr Session: $30.00
Monthly Rate: $300.00





Private Sessions with Authorized Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin


Private Sessions:

1/2 hour: $75
1 hour: $125
1.5 hour: $190
2 hour: $250

10 Pack of 1 hour Sessions: $1200


Semi-Private Sessions:

(price per person)
1 hour: $95




GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Group Classes

Teachers' Tower Classes with Lisa Marie 


(Pre-requisite: Level 1 certified GYROTONIC® instructor)
Single 1hr class: $70.00





GENERAL Packages


For your convenience we offer Private, Semi-Private, Equipment, Group and Open Studio Packages at a discount.

Please note that all packages have an expiration date from the day of purchase.

Family packages are available upon request.

Services 7 days per week

Sessions are 30 minute, 55 minute or 90 minutes in duration



Single Session - 30 min:                      $30

Series of 10 - 30 min sessions:          $250

Single Session - 45 min:                      $35

Series of 10 - 45 min sessions:          $300



We are excited to add a brand new Amethyst Crystal Infrared BioMat to our list of healing services at Goodwin Studios. If you need to release stress and relax your muscles, simply lying on the BioMat promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body. BioMat products are medical-quality, FDA-Approved and based on award-winning research. Those who have used the BioMat have experienced:


  • Relief from minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness

  • Releases lactic acid

  • Relief from joint pain associated with arthritis

  • Relief from muscle spasms

  • Relief from minor sprains and strains

  • Reduction from stress and fatigue

  • Soothes and relaxes the body and mind

  • Supports the immune system

  • Improves sleep

  • Reduced inflammation


Healing Session - 30 min:                      $30





Raindrop technique is a powerful technique using Young Living Essential Oils™  It was developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980s. It combines several modalities to bring balance and transformation. It also supports body systems on a physical and emotionally level.

What is Raindrop Technique?

This technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck and feet. The session lasts about an hour however the benefits may last up to a week or more.

Gary found that combining several holistic techniques, described below, created a synergistic effect for the body. The three modalities that combine to form Raindrop Technique are:

  • Aromatherapy – Raindrop technique uses seven single essential oils, two blends and one essential oil massage blend during the session. It is congruent with the French application of aromatherapy where essential oils are applied NEAT (undiluted) to the body.

  • Vita Flex Technique – Vita Flex was brought to the US in the 1920s by Stanley Burroughs. It is an ancient Tibetan methodology meaning "vitality through the reflexes". Its theory is based on the fact that slight pressure applied to the body creates an electric charge that is therapeutic to the body. This is known as piezoelectric.

  • Feather Stroking - This is similar to a massage term technique called effleurage. But this technique was actually termed by the Native American Indians.

60 minute session with Lisa Marie:        $125




Please arrive a few minutes early prior to your session to fill out the registration forms and sign in with the front desk.

Wear comfortable clothing and socks. We are a shoeless studio following the tradition of leaving the outdoor energies at the door.

We are happy to provide you with water, tea, towels, and yoga mats.


Please be advised of our 24hr. cancellation policy: Appointments must be canceled 24 hours prior to appointment scheduled

to avoid being charged a service fee.  Please note that all packages expire 3 months after the date of purchase.


Refunds: If you are not satisfied with our services or are unable to use your gift certificate we will be kindly give you a refund.


We look forward to seeing you.


Call or email studio to book 310.235.2100 or info@goodwinstudiosllc.com

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