Goodwin Studios Now Offers Virtual Classes & Private Sessions

Dear Members,

Goodwin Studios remains committed to helping each of our clients find the joy of movement during this time. To best support you, we are now offering private, semi-private, and group virtual sessions. 

Sessions will be available via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.

For each week's sessions, check out the Virtual Classes page and download the Virtual Liability Waiver and How To Set Up Zoom Guide below.  

In light, 

Lisa Marie & the Goodwin Studios Team


Virtual Classes Testimonies:

"These classes you are generously offering online leave me speechless.  They are so clever and creative.  Learning has never been this much fun (and challenging).  Also, having access to these videos to study the nuances of your performance and verbal guidance for 3 days has been an amazing gift ~ truly helpful.  Thank you."

"I am so grateful to have had these virtual experiences with Lisa  Marie – to see and explore the breadth of the work." 

"Mahalo Lisa Marie for the most amazing Zoom tower group class! So grateful to move with you from across the pond and hear your voice! Indeed a silver lining during this time. Be safe & stay healthy! 🙏🏻"


"I feel privileged to have begun my GYROTONIC® path with Lisa Marie and to have worked alongside her for many years. I owe her a great deal for the knowledge she is so willing to share with me."

"WooHoo! Sign me up for more classes. Today was exquisite 🤗"


"Thank you so much for doing is so nice to connect from afar. I would totally be into continuing this even when we no longer have to be socially distant. Your knowledge of the method is phenomenal and I have gained so much personally and professionally through these sessions."

"Thank you for today's session. It is so fun to be introduced to new material. Inspiring. Can't wait to do it again, and again, and again..."

Studio Rates:

Rate changes as of February 1, 2020 below. 


GYROTONIC® Private Sessions with Goodwin Studios' Trainers

Introductory rates for anyone NEW to GYROTONIC® & Goodwin Studios:

$65 for 1-hour session

$195 for a package of 3 - 1-hour sessions


*Intro rates are good for sessions with all Goodwin Studios' trainers except Lisa Marie Goodwin*

1 session: $105 | Pkg 5 sessions: $505 ($101) | Pkg 10 sessions: $1,000 ($100) | Pkg 20 sessions: $1900 ($95)
1/2 hour: $60 | Pkg of 10 1/2 hour sessions: $550


1.5 hour: $155 | Pkg 5 sessions: $760 ($152) | Pkg 10 sessions: $1500 ($150)
2 hours: $210 


GYROTONIC® Semi Private: (2 people - priced per person)

1 session: $75 | Pkg 5 sessions: $360 ($72) | Pkg 10 sessions: $700 ($70)

1.5 hour: $105 | Pkg 5 sessions: $505 ($101) | Pkg 10 sessions: $1,000 ($100) | Pkg 20 sessions: $1,900 ($95)

2 hours: $150





GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Group Classes by Goodwin Studios Instructors

(Pre-requisite: Minimum of 3 PRIVATE GYROTONIC® Sessions)

Only 5 students per class / All Levels offered: Open, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Single 1 hour class: $50
Package of 5: $240 ($48 each)

Package of 10: $460 ($46 each)







(No pre-requisite: Desire to move and connect with your body! All levels welcome!)

1-hour Group Classes:

Single: $27 | 10 classes: $250 ($25 each)

90 min group classes:

Single: $32 | 10 classes: $300 ($30 each)


Young Dancer Class

(Pre-Requisite minimum of 3-10 private GYROTONIC® Sessions)
Single 1hour class: $30 | 10 classes $300 ($30 each)


GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Group Classes

Teachers' Tower Classes with Lisa Marie 

(Pre-requisite: Level 1 certified GYROTONIC® instructor)
Single 1 hour class: $65


GENERAL Packages


For your convenience we offer Private, Semi-Private, Equipment, Group and Open Studio Packages at a discount.

Please note that all packages have an expiration date from the day of purchase.

Family packages are available upon request.

Services 7 days per week. 

Sessions are 30 minutes, 55 minutes, or 90 minutes in duration.




Please arrive a few minutes early prior to your session to fill out the registration forms and sign in with the front desk.

Wear comfortable clothing and socks. We are a shoeless studio following the tradition of leaving the outdoor energies at the door.

We are happy to provide you with water, tea, towels, and yoga mats.


Please be advised of our 24hr. cancellation policy: Appointments must be canceled 24 hours prior to the appointment scheduled

to avoid being charged a service fee.  Please note that all packages expire 3 months after the date of purchase.


Refunds: If you are not satisfied with our services or are unable to use your gift certificate we will kindly give you a refund.


We look forward to seeing you.


Call or email the studio to book sessions 310.235.2100 or

Download The Virtual Liability Waiver & Zoom How-To Here
Reopening Procedures
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