Goodwin Studios Products For Sale

Lisa Marie is a distributor of bio mats and Young Living Essential Oils. The massage table size bio mat is $1750 and $1650 for practitioners. Please contact Goodwin Studios directly for more information. 

Goodwin Studios Classes For Rent

One Hour GYROTONIC® Happy Hips Pulley Tower Master Class, 3/13/2021: ($35 3-Day Rental)

A GYROTONIC® Pulley tower class (pulley tower required) and based on rehab, recovery, and strength -much of which is material from Lisa Marie’s hip course.

One Hour BACK TO BASICS GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower* Master Class, 11/9/2020: ($35 3-Day Rental)

*Pulley Tower Required: This class is designed to continue your journey into the Foundation of this system and explore on a deeper level the principles of movement. All levels will benefit and are welcome.

One Hour Level 2 GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower* Master Class, 6/5/2021: ($35 3-Day Rental)

*Pulley Tower Required: In this class, Lisa Marie introduces more challenging, endurance building exercise sequences including an advanced hamstring series with a focus on cardiovascular endurance, an advanced handle unit series in multiple standing positions, and handle unit sequences in more challenging variations of the level 1 sitting positions, a level 2 traction series, an advanced upper body series in standing positions, and an advanced abdominal series.